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Local readers hoping to win a brand new Nokia N73 phone still have 2 more days to enter my first N73 giveaway contest, Funny Eating Fotos. So, if you have a great, hilarious picture taken of someone stuffing his or her face, hurry over to Flickr and post your photo. I’ll be announcing the winner of this contest during the first week of September.

If you don’t win a phone through Funny Eating Fotos, you still have a chance to win a Nokia N73. Contest 2 begins today. I’m calling this one “Best Kept Secret Food Stalls”. Entering it is similar to contest 1. If you’re not already registered with Flickr, you’ll need to sign up (relax, it’s free). Then go to Best Kept Secret Food Stalls, the Flickr pool I’ve created for this contest.

This contest is open only to Singapore-residents (sorry). Please post one picture per contestant only. Post a great picture which has been taken using a mobile phone of your favourite local “best kept secret food stall”, i.e. that place you love to eat at that serves super-delicious food but that you’re pretty sure not that many people know about. Note: the photo must have been taken with a mobile phone.

Please describe the photo after you post it. The photo can be anything from someone eating to the food itself to a shot of the stall/eatery/coffee shop itself. Just be sure to tell all of us where it is.

The contest closes 22 September 2006. The folks at Nokia and I will judge the pictures and award the winner with a Nokia N73. We’ll be looking for a really cool picture… something really great… not sure exactly how to put it in words. We’ll be looking for a picture that just makes us go, “wow”. Good luck!

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  1. raimie 30 August 2006

    gonna sent soon to win…hehehe…thanx dude…

  2. PC 30 August 2006

    erm… dude… i’m assuming this is a food stall in singapore we’re talking about?

  3. Chubby Hubby 30 August 2006

    PC: YUP! I did say “Singapore’s best kept secret food stalls.”

  4. PC 30 August 2006

    sorry dude *blush* *rub eyes*

  5. risingsunofnihon 30 August 2006

    Between the Singapore food bloggers dinner and this free phone give away, bloggers in your area certainly do have a great community! I wish bloggers in my area would get on board something like this!

  6. Fifi 3 September 2006

    hey, where will you be revealing the winners at your blog or flickr?

  7. Anonymous 3 September 2006

    Appreciate you sharing your food enthusiasm with the world.

    Err…mobile phone camera *MUST* be Nokia ah? Or any brand camera phone also can? Would be disappointed if kena phone-racist typecast…

  8. Chubby Hubby 3 September 2006

    Fifi: We’ll be announcing the winner of contest 1 on the blog later this week.

    Anon: Any mobile phone camera is fine.

  9. c h l o e 19 September 2006

    What if the food stall posted serves real good food but pic is so-so and vice versa?
    Will you and other judges going to try out the food recomended?

    Which is more important in this contest – food or pic quality?

  10. Chubby Hubby 19 September 2006

    Hi Chloe, a bit of both, but I would say that the quality of the image is a tad more important. It should make us want to eat at the place being shot.

  11. wiing 20 September 2006

    Hey.. How are you going to contact the winner? What if there are imposters? Or you are unable to contact any of us?

  12. Chubby Hubby 20 September 2006

    Hi Wiing,

    I’ll be emailing the winner through his or her flickr account.


  13. Anonymous 24 September 2006

    waiting fer results…woohoo

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