Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of testing out one of Nokia’s awesome new N Series phones. The N73 is a joy to use and I’m not just saying that because I got one free. The N73 is the first Nokia I’ve used in years. Quite a few years ago, I made the switch to PDA phones, using (in order) a Treo, HP iPaq and most recently a Dopod 838 Pro, which I totally love. But I have to admit, the N73 has been winning me over. It’s a good size; it feels right in my hand. It has simple, clean looks (I hate fancy “fashion phones”) and the calender software works perfectly. Keying in appointments is a breeze and the read-out on the main screen is very clear. Best of all, the Nokia N73’s camera rocks. It has a 3.2 megapixel camera with a Carl Zeiss lens. I’ve complained in the past about the cameras on my PDA phones. The Treo’s was awful and the iPaq’s not much better. The Dopod’s camera isn’t bad but it’s nothing compared to N73’s. While you can’t really shoot things too close, for general snapping away, it’s brilliant.

But, as in all things, you should judge for yourself! So, thanks to the fine folks at Nokia, I’m thrilled to be able to give away 2 brand new Nokia N73 phones. I’ll be giving each one away via 2 contests over the next 2 months.

FUNNY EATING FOTOSis the first contest and it starts today! Sorry, but it’s open only to Singapore residents. Starting today, post the funniest photograph that you have taken of someone (that you know) eating or enjoying a meal. The photo can also be a self-portrait. I love funny photos of people eating. I especially love snapping them. My wife S (pictured here; photo taken with the N73), however, hates it, but has learned to live with it (and me). Please only post 1 photograph per contestant.

At the end of August, I will (with input from the folks at Nokia) pick a winner. To enter, you need to join Flickr, post your photo online and then send it to this Photo Group that I have created just for this contest: Funny Eating Fotos.Good luck! I look forward to seeing your entries and I’m looking forward to sending one of you a brand new Nokia N73.

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16 August 2006


This is irrelevant to this post, but may I make a suggestion to your WONDERFUL blog that I read religiously on daily basis? Can you categorise the posts such as by recipes and restuarant reviews and such? I find it difficult to find previous posts that I have read before and want to go back to!

Hmm..lovely..but can a Singapore’s ‘neighbour’enter?? I dont mind picking up the phone at Singapore..haha..just trying my luck. If not, I just wanna send the pictures for fun..;)

Solo: Hi, sorry about that. On blogger, it’s difficult to sort by topics. I’m hoping to migrate to another format early next year so yes, hopefully by then I can archive by topic.

Alex: Great!

Thycountess: I’ll ask the Nokia guys. But for now, sorry, you have to based here.

Hi Solo

I know what you mean. For the moment, the easiest way to find specific posts is to google chubby hubby using the search engine that is in the extreme right column of the blog. That’s how I search for things around here 🙂

Thanks CH & S:

I agree blogger makes it difficult to sort posts. Currently I use drop-down menus to categorise my posts by typing up the links of new posts in the template window, but its abit time-consuming. So tell me if you find a solution!


How do I send the picture to the photogroup? I have a flickr account and I’ve joined the Funny eating Fotos group on flickr, but i’ve no iea hw to submit my entry. Please advise. Thanks!

jingxian: once you upload your photo, click on it to open it. you’ll see a small button that says “add to group”. click on that.

I have posted a photo, I can see it in the group when I log into flickr, but I do not see it when i click on the link on ur post. y so? just wondering if my photo is submitted?

piggy princess: what user name are you using in Flikcr? there’s no “piggy princess” who has joined the n73 contest pool. did you add your photo to the pool correctly?

My user name is lolilapiggy. I do see my photo when I log into flickr, but not when I click on the link from your post. Hope it’s in. ^_^

hi hi..

just wondering when the results will be out.. 🙂

Can’t wait to see who is the winner… my friends entered in this contest!

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