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More Shameless Self-Promotion

Earlier this year, a good friend working in a publishing house emailed me and asked if I’d be interested in contributing to a book on hotels. The book, it turned out, had been commissioned by […]

A Straits Times Hot Blog

Colour me flattered. This morning, I was surprised by an SMS from a friend telling me my blog was i n the paper! (Our paper service, because of heavy rain, was delayed today, so my […]

“Work” Trip

I love it when work and pleasure come together. I’m off tomorrow to spend a few days in one of the world’s best spas, Chiva Som, in Hua Hin, Thailand. They’ve asked me to contribute […]

Totally Shameless Self-Promotion

Okay, I feel a tad guilty and shameless in fashioning this post, but I figure since I’m not exactly just promoting myself, then it’s not so bad. A few months back, I helped write the […]

Intros and tooting one’s own horn

As a first post, I figure some kind of introduction is standard. Suffice it to say, as can be seen from the title of this little on-line rant, that I’m married and a foodie. Actually […]