Pantry Basics: Whole Wheat Sugar Cookies 2.0

imageI’ve come to realise that simple treats work best for my kids. And sugar cookies are essential to every mommy’s kitchen arsenal. They make great everyday treats. But they’re also awesome as flat tart bases for composed desserts and super cute in mini format as cupcake toppers. We’ve used this sugar cookie dough with 3D cookie cutters to create dinosaurs, tangram cookie cutters off Etsy for edible games to go, and turned them into cookie decorating canvases with some ready-to-use icing, and candy eyeballs, lips and mustaches.

This is my favourite sugar cookie recipe of the moment. I’d previously shared another whole wheat sugar cookie recipe. But this one is easier to cut out and retains its shape well. I often roll out one to two portions of this dough and store the remaining portions tightly wrapped (and vacuum packed if you have the tools to do so) in the freezer. Simply defrost overnight and roll out as you would freshly made dough.

For my two-year-old, I make small 3cm sugar cookies that fit easily into her hand. For my five-year-old, his most frequent request of the moment is for sugar cookie tangram shapes.



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