Appia Alta in Tokyo, scrumptious Italian appetisers and more

A slight squeeze of lemon is all it took to release the flavours...

If you are hankering for some Italian culinary magic in Tokyo, you could do a lot worse than Appia Alta at Nishi Azabu. When our waitress pushed the bountiful appetizer cart  over to our table, I resisted the temptation to order everything on display. Here is a selection of what my party of four had.

Soft, tender wagyu with pickled gherkin

Double the calories when you deep fry cheese, but it more than twice as good.

As it turned out, even the entrees and desserts were presented on carts for our consideration. The full meal—including a bottle of red wine cost no more than 20,000 yen (about US$200) a head. Very reasonable given the quantity and quality offered. And being a favourite with local Tokyo celebrities, it’s a great place to star gaze too.

Appia Alta
Nishi-Azabu Grandia Bldg.,
B14-22-7 Nishi-AzabuMinato-ku
Tokyo, Japan 106-0031
Tel: +81 03-5774-0960


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