Bill Granger’s coconut bread

coconut bread 2

It was one of those perfect moments in time, when I was completely relaxed, basking in the warm glow of the setting sun, sitting reclined and reading a beautiful Bill Granger cookbook. This one, Sydney Food, boasts absolutely stunning pictures, which enticed me so much that I wanted to jump up and try my hand at all the dishes asap. But what I enjoy most about Granger’s recipes, is that they are not complicated or intimidating in the least, and every one that I’ve tried so far has yielded the most satisfying and rewarding results. This coconut bread is a prime example.

This recipe is every busy mom’s dream. All you need one bowl and a whisk, the batter takes minutes to prepare, and the house smells deliciously of toasted coconut as the loaves bake. Moist, wholesome and hearty, a slice is ideal for breakfast with a steaming mug of tea and some fruit, or as an afternoon treat with an espresso. The cinnamon and coconut combination makes the bread incredibly aromatic and fragrant, and the tangles of shredded coconut lends great texture. I didn’t veer far from the original recipe, but I did substitute half the amount of flour with wholemeal pastry flour, added a quarter teaspoon of salt and reduced the amount of sugar slightly. The cake remained tender even with the wholemeal flour, and the touch of salt intensified the coconut flavour.

coconut bread 1

For me, cooking is about feeding the people I love with good food, and I never tire of it. Moreover, watching my son tuck into a thick slice of this coconut bread after school, and hearing him say how ‘this snack is yummy’, is immensely gratifying.

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