Leek and potato gratin

Leek and potato gratin

My brother D, is your typical meat and potatoes kinda guy. He is always hankering after a good slab of beef, and some weeks ago, for our regular Sunday dinner at my mum’s, he treated the family to some amazing Wagyu steaks. My job was to cook some sides to complement the meat. I instantly thought of having the simplest salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper) and baking up a tray of this awesome leek and potato gratin.

gratin prep

As much as I love a simple, perfectly roasted spud, this gratin is a welcome change. Slightly crisp on the top and edges, tender and creamy within, I can’t think of anything that it doesn’t go with. Have some alongside pan-fried salmon, sausages, sunny-side up eggs, grilled chicken, smoked ham… you get the drift. For me, a gratin is the ultimate potato dish for entertaining. It looks great on the table, everybody is almost guaranteed to enjoy it (even the kids love it), and it doesn’t require a lot of prep. It can even be made in advance and simply heated up in the oven when your guests are ready to tuck in. Furthermore, this indulgent dish is probably one that we should endeavour to share with as many people as possible. I say this nobly, but in my heart of hearts, I was quietly scheming to just have a dinner-plateful of this cheesy potato, without anyone noticing.

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