Pantry Basics: How to make semolina pasta at home

This is one of my favourite recipes for homemade pasta because it results in a perfectly al dente noodle. The key to the success of this recipe from The Harry’s Bar Cookbook is the addition of semolina (which is what you’ll find in most commercially prepared dried pastas). If you like a more velvety, slippery texture to your pasta, my other preferred recipe (which happens to call for butter) is here.

While I will be the first to admit that it isn’t necessary to make your own pasta – many great chefs that I’ve had the fortune to interview have assured me that the top pasta producers deliver a superior product and are far more consistent – I do indulge in making a batch now and then for a special dinner party. The appeal of homemade lies in the fact that I can determine the profile of my pasta. By this, I mean its cross-section. I like the square cut spaghetti (using the tagliarini cutter) that our Marcato machine produces. In my mind, the edges give the pasta sauce a little more to cling on to. I also like the added flavour that eggs bring to spaghetti made using this recipe. Because this dough is resilient, I can also make thin tagliatelle that will not overcook rapidly while still retaining that all-important toothsome bite. One day soon, I intend to make this XO sauce and pair it with homemade tagliatelle. Yum! This is also the pasta I try to have on hand when CH makes his crab pasta with shellfish broth.

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