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One of my favourite braised beef dishes is a Vietnamese braised oxtail that incorporates both Laughing Cow cheese and Coca-Cola in the meat’s marinade. I had written about how I discovered this dish and its recipe back in 2012.

More recently. I decided to try making a Bo Kho style dish, but this time using gorgeous slabs of short rib and tweaking the recipe to better accommodate this cut of meat. I have to admit that I was motivated to make this after visiting a critically acclaimed local restaurant and having a lovely, rich, and fork-tender serving of short rib. The short rib at this place was lovely. As far as the cooking was concerned, there was not a single thing I could complain about. What wasn’t lovely was the insanely high price for what was a surprisingly miniscule little cube of beef. Suffice it to say I felt ripped off. And while I had considered briefly the idea of ordering 2 more portions, because, honestly, that’s how many I would have had to order to feel satisfied, once I did the math, I tossed that idea out the window.

Post-meal, I was left feeling both dissatisfied and unsatisfied, and wierdo that I am, I developed an immediate craving for more short ribs. So, the next morning, I drove to Huber’s Butchery, picked up a couple large slabs of beef and worked out a cunning plan (any Blackadder fans out there?).

I decided to cook the short ribs Bo Kho style because I love the combination of umaminess and unctuousness, balanced with aromatics, spices and caramel that come together with this recipe. Granted, as I wrote when I first introduced the oxtail version of this dish three years ago, the ingredients are a little left of centre. Nonetheless, they work amazingly well and I urge you to try this for yourself. It’s a wonderful Asian braise and one that I guarantee your friends will love.

short rib


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16 July 2015


Very interesting write-up. May try this recipe when I get hold of short ribs, though I am not sure about the cheese.

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