The vanilla cupcake – utterly classic, absolutely yummy

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When I finally got around to procuring the Kitchenaid mixer (in red, of course), one of the first things that I made was the vanilla cupcake. It would be my first cupcake attempt, and I was super excited. Using the recipe from the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook, the first time I made it, and the multiple times afterwards, I’m always happily surprised by how soft, airy and fluffy the sponge is, and how the frosting just lovingly complements the concoction.

Since then, I’ve dabbled with various other cupcake flavours from the cookbook – pumpkin, matcha, good old chocolate. But somehow, I keep returning to the classic vanilla over and over again, and often have to stop myself from gobbling down three or more (they’re quite small!) at a go. Plus, J says it’s his favourite baked item of mine, and until baby J gets old enough to have an opinion about mommy’s home baked goods, that’s good enough for me for now.




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