Savoury Pudding with Sausage & Tomato

This is a spectacularly simple dish to prepare. Seriously. I spotted the original recipe,which was inspired by English toad-in-the-hole, in the September issue of Martha Stewart Living and was sold on the one pan meal idea. I imagine it would make for a fabulous breakfast after a big night out, but am way past that point of my life (actually, I might have skipped that stage entirely). It works really well as a simple workday lunch and I can totally see it as part of a weekend brunch spread served with a side salad, peas and onion jam.

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28 September 2012


Thanks for sharing this! I appreciate it, i might convince my wife to make some of these! I own a cooking ebook website myself all about cooking ebooks! Nice to see fellow sites doing so well! keep it up 🙂

My grandmother would make Toad in the Hole, but she always used braised steak instead of pork sausages. I would as a small child enjoy the Toad in the Hole, but not the meat. I would be given some of the topping gravy and vegetables. I enjoyed the dish when I became an adult, however, I have decided to experiment substituting the steak or sausage to boneless chicken thighs. If successful I will return and comment accordingly.

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