Anchovy, lemon, chili and rocket pasta

anchovy pasta

Two months ago, I enjoyed a rejuvenating trip to Bali on my own, leaving my two jumping beans at home with the hubby. I stayed at the stunning Mulia Resort, and ate like a queen. One of the dishes that left a lasting impression on me was a beef tenderloin drenched in a delicious bagna cauda sauce at Soleil, their fine-dining Pan-Asian restaurant. During dinner, the affable and talented Executive Chef, Corky O’Connor, came over for a chat, and apart from me gushing about that sauce, we discussed our love for anchovies (especially in pasta).

ortiz anchovies

He asked how I usually prepared my pasta, and I said “saute garlic, anchovies, lemon zest and chili in olive oil, add the cooked pasta and water, wilt some rocket over, and eat.” He thought for a moment and said the only thing he would do different is not to cook the anchovies together with the other ingredients in the oil. Instead, add them only when I toss in the cooked pasta. So the fillets get warmed through, and gently break apart, as opposed to disintegrating completely. I tried it when I got home, and I could taste the difference. The anchovies are definitely more present, and there is somehow a deeper savouriness to the dish. The zingy lemon, chili and peppery rocket are crucial in here, because they really balance out the strong flavour of the fish. All I need for a perfect lunch is a bowlful of this pasta, with a crisp glass of white wine. Bon appétit!

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