Tenyu in Kyoto – a must try for fried seafood lovers

uni tempura

I cannot emphasise how much I love fried food. And tempura in Japan just ticks all the right boxes for me. If you are visiting Kyoto, I would heartily recommend Tenyu. Situated near the Sanjyo train station, it’s easily accessible  and the quality of food is beyond reproach. Just check out the Uni tempura. Cooked on a sea of bubbling blended oil, the thin layer of seaweed protects the sashimi grade uni (sea urchin) from being overcooked. It beautifully retained all the yummy creaminess despite being gently steamed by the oil.

My keyboard is getting wet from my overworked salivary glands as I write this. A must-try for all uni lovers. The rest of the meal was delectable too – including the ones pictured below – tai wrapped in shiso leaf, kakiage over rice and deep-fried ayu.

Prices start from 5000 yen (US$50) for lunch and 10000 (US$100) yen for dinner.

tai wrapped in shiso leaf at Tenyukakiage over rice at Tenyudeep fried ayu at Tenyu

324-1 Ebiyacho, Nakagyo-ku,
Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 604-8076
Tel –  +81 75-212-7778

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