Zinio holiday offer + Free magazine subscriptions


First, lemme just say… this is not an advertorial. I am getting nothing from posting this. That said, I am a loyal and passionate fan of Zinio–the single best electronic way to subscribe to and read your favourite magazines. So, when they cool peeps at Zinio contacted me to ask if I’d be up for sharing some of their holiday promos, I instantly replied, “You betcha!” Continue Reading →

Our new look, our new team and our new sections

Pouring Champagne

We’re back! And I am sure you’ve already noticed, we’re back with a completely different look. I want to firstly thank every single person who gave us her or his feedback on which design template we should move to. In the end, we decided to use the Shaken Grid both because many of you preferred it over the other options, but also because Su-Lyn and I really liked its visual style and navigation system.  We also liked that it re-adjusts itself reasonably well for tablets and smartphones–necessities in making digital design choices these days. Continue Reading →

Checking in — revamp still in the works

Hi everyone. It’s been a really long time since I’ve been active here.

I thought I would share some recent photos with you guys. S and I took off for a super fast 3 day trip to Tokyo last week in order to celebrate her birthday. While we would have loved to have stayed longer, we had to get back in time for my son’s first birthday, which is only 3 days after S’s birthday. Yup, little T is now one year old and he’s the cutest kid on the planet (but hey, I’m biased!).

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Portly Papa

So, there’s a small reason I haven’t had time to post for a while. 3.075 kilos small to be exact. On 10 March, my darling wife S and I became parents (for the first time). Our little boy–we’ll call him T on this site–is a real cutie and has been keeping both of us very busy. S is doing very, very well and I’m slowly getting used to fatherhood.

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Staub Cocotte Winner!

Last month, I had the pleasure of announcing and hosting a little contest sponsored very kindly by Staub. I had asked readers to send me their best photo of a gorgeously scrumptuous one-pot meal. The winner–chosen by my wife S and I–would receive a nice, brand new 18cm cherry red Staub cocotte.

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Win a gorgeous Staub cocotte

Tis the season. And in the spirit of gift-giving, one of my uber-kind advertisers has kindly offered to allow me to share one of its amazing products with one lucky reader. This December, I am giving away a beautiful 18 cm cherry red Staub cocotte.

I love cooking with Staub’s cocottes. They are the perfect pots for braising and slow cooking. They are fabulously well-made and always look damned good, in the kitchen and on the dining table.

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Photograph your meal and help others!

It’s no secret that I love photographing what I eat. And judging by the vast number of other food bloggers out there, I know I am not alone. Some of us shoot what we eat so we can share it with the world. We edit and post them with lengthy essays on carefully curated blogs. Others post these pictures on Twitter. Some send them to their Facebook pages or MMS or email them to friends. Some even snap favourite dishes solely for their own archives. Either way, it’s rare to enter a restaurant these days and not see someone taking a picture–using everything from their mobile devices to big DSLR rigs–of the food on their table.

This week, I want to encourage all of Singapore to shoot what you are eating. Because for this week, doing so will help others. shareurmeal, Singapore! is a community campaign running from 21 August 2010 to 27 August 2010 to raise awareness about the plight of low-income families in Singapore.

By sending a picture with your meal to shareurmealsg@gmail.com, the programme’s sponsors (which includes major corporations like City Developments Limited) will donate S$3 per meal shared to support TOUCH Community Services and their programmes for the underprevileged. Please help them reach their target of 1,000 photos!

This innovative project first started in Philadelphia, USA, in 2009, and has since spread to the UK this year. A young 23 year old undergrad here, Mr Tim Mou Hui, has very admirably brought the shareURmeal movement to Singapore for its debut in Asia. I am very proud to help him out by promoting this very worthy campaign on this forum.

So, c’mon! Snap away and help someone else while doing it.

Please visit www.wix.com/shareurmealsg/home for more information.

Season’s Greetings

Merry Christmas everyone! My tired yet still sexy wife S and I are back from a crazy trip. We went off to Venice for a week, to attend two very close friends’ wedding, as well as to revisit some favourite eating places (plus a few new ones). If you’ve been watching the news the past week, you know that Europe has been experiencing some of the craziest weather in recent history. The day our friends got married, Venice was covered in snow. It was staggeringly beautiful. After which, when we tried to get home, it became staggeringly annoying as our plane from Venice to Paris was stuck on the tarmac for hours as we waited for the runways to be plowed and the plane’s wings to be de-iced. By the time we got to Paris, it was well past midnight and we had missed our connecting flight home and had to spend the next 22 hours in Paris. Of course, we made the most of it and tried like mad to pack in a full French vacation into just one crazy day.

We have loads of photos to share, plus some other posts we’ve been working on. I hope to spend a good part of the holidays updating the blog. So stay tuned and happy holidays.

Daniel Boulud wants you (maybe)

I’m taking a quick break from posting about my own stuff to bring you this quick and potentially important me

ssage which I think readers from the F&B trade might find pretty useful.

As many of you (might already) know, the Dinex Group, which owns and manages Chef Daniel Boulud’s restaurants, has come into Asia. They have one restaurant already in Beijing and are opening another in Singapore (which is great news for me).

The Dinex Group’s HR folks are making an Asian tour, looking for great talent. Here’s their pitch:

The Dinex Group, the restaurants owned and managed by Chef Daniel Boulud, is offering the opportunity to build a lifelong career with both global potential and a sense of pride in work well done.

The Dinex Group continues to expand to exciting new destinations around the world (Beijing, Singapore, Vancouver, London, New York, Palm Beach, Miami, and Las Vegas). If you are interested in the opportunity to be part of that growth within an organization whose values you share, and that recognizes your dedication and hard work, then we invite you to apply during our Open Call Interviews Recruiting Tour in Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai)
(Keep reading for dates and times of the recruitment calls)

Restaurant Month

Photo:WFP/Mark Warne Smith

This month, August 09, you can eat well while also doing your part to help others. I’ve been very proud to have helped create The Miele Guide Restaurant Month. And I hope you will all do your very best to support this initiative.

The Miele Guide Restaurant Month is both a celebration of the best restaurants in Asia and a very unique charity drive to combat hunger and poverty in the region. This month-long initiative sees 57 participating restaurants, a majority of which are listed in The Miele Guide 2008/2009 edition, offering special set menus or promotions unique to the programme. Fifteen percent of revenue derived from these special menus or promotions will be donated to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). These proceeds have been earmarked for WFP’s activities in Timor Leste, one of the poorest countries in South-East Asia. (Keep reading)