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IMBB23: Gigot a la Bordelaise

This month’s theme for Is My Blog Burning? is “French regional cuisine and a glass of wine”. It’s hosted by the marvelously talented Laura of Cucina Testa Rossa, who, as you might guess, has the […]

Dessert from an all-time classic

Growing up in New York City, one of the restaurants I always wanted to go to was Lutece. It was, in its heyday, considered by many to be New York’s–or even America’s–best French restaurant. As […]

Seven Hours to Heaven

I love slow-cooked meats. I love how after spending several hours gently cooking away in the oven, a tough piece of meat becomes buttery soft, so soft that it falls off the bone with no […]

A box of heaven

A colleague of mine just came back from a business trip to Tokyo. As a favor, I asked him to stop off at Pierre Herme and buy me some macarons. Boy was I delighted when […]

A Weekend of Stuffing My Face

What a weekend of eating! On Friday, my wife and I met up with two good friends for a delicious yakitori dinner at Ahodori (which I wrote about in March). Saturday night, we had a […]

Little Pigs and Fatty Cows

Last night, we got together with a whole host of friends at Mag’s Wine Bar-Bistro. I’ve mentioned Mag’s before, in my post on my favourite Singapore restaurants. Mag’s is a wonderful little restaurant that’s a […]