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12 days of Christmas…

While I know that a number of magazines and other fabulous food bloggers have already printed and posted their own holiday gift guides, I thought I’d share my own ideas for what you could buy […]

Sponsored Product

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from a friend of mine. He’s the local distributor for some pretty amazing kitchen-related brands. After seeing my blog—which I had never mentioned to him—written up […]

DIY Sundaes

I love ice cream. Always have, and I suspect, always will. Lately though, I haven’t been eating a lot of it. Trying to eat a slightly more nutritious and healthier diet has meant that ice […]

Not a Food Post…My New Gadget

I’ve complained quite a few times about my Treo’s camera. While it may be fine for snapping quick cute shots when walking the dogs, in low light situations and for shooting close-up, it’s awful. I […]