Panna cotta with blueberry coulis

panna cotta

My kids love Panna cotta, and would choose it over any item on the dessert menu without thinking twice. There was a period of time when my darling five-year old son was so obsessed, he requested for it as his after-dinner treat two weeks in a row. Panna cotta translates as “cooked cream”, and to me, is a simple, soothing dessert that is an antidote for frazzled nerves at the end of a hard day.

My family enjoys this best with generous spoonfuls of blueberry coulis. The tart berries provide lovely contrast to the richness of the milk and cream, and having them pop in your mouth as you eat, is a wonderful sensation against the quivering smoothness of the pudding. This blueberry coulis is also a great standby in the fridge for topping pancakes and waffles in the morning or swirled into thick Greek yogurt for your child’s afternoon snack.

My version of panna cotta is adapted from a recipe by the fabulous David Lebovitz. I substituted half of the cream with milk, to make it lighter on the palate and friendlier to the ever-burgeoning waistline. Also, I reduced the amount of sugar to make it more suitable for my two-year old baby girl. This is a fool-proof recipe that even the most beginner of cooks will be able to execute flawlessly. So with Valentine’s just around the corner, perhaps this could be the loving surprise your partner has been waiting for.

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