Author: Janice

Janice is a girl from Lima, Peru who loves a good cebiche and a glass of dry Riesling. She travels the world (often for food or to check out new restaurants) and lives in Australia. Janice tries to learn about different countries through cuisine, and takes advantage of Sydney’s multiculturalism by exploring gastronomy in all of its forms. Grower’s markets, wine tastings, restaurant openings, cooking classes, shopping for specialty spices; she’s keen to do it all.
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Istanbul’s Meze by Lemon Tree serves inspired Turkish cuisine

Atom dessertTurkish restaurants can be divided into three large categories: meyhanes where people drink raki and eat meze, fish restaurants which involve a banquet of cold and hot appetizers followed by a showcase of fish as a main, and meat restaurants, which serve grilled meats, and all sorts of kebabs and skewers charcoal cooked to perfection.  These categories, obviously, are aside from the numerous esnaf lokantasi tradesmen establishments, street foods, snacks, and produce available to grab and go.

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Making soup dumplings in Taipei

my basket of xiao long bao

A recent trip to Taiwan had me thinking about what constitutes Taiwanese food.  Taipei, despite being smaller than many of its Asian capital city counterparts, is a food-lovers’ destination.  History has made Taipei a hub for fusion.  Taiwanese cuisine can’t really be defined as one particular thing.  It has Chinese influences seen through Sichuan, Shanghainese, and Hokkien food.  It also has the legacy of the Portuguese and Japanese that once controlled the island, as well as adaptations of common Western (fried) foods.

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Sweetness The Patisserie, tempting treats in Sydney

nougat and rocky roadSweetness is not your everyday patisserie, neither traditional French nor modern and overly elaborate.  Sweetness has just the right dose of old and new.  The delicacies are beautifully presented, wrapped with care, all made by hand.  The flavours, on the other hand, cater to one’s inner child.  They’re sweets that evoke a sense of longing – marshmallows, chewy caramel, whoopie pies, rocky road, fruit jujubes, caramel popcorn, are only the beginning of a number of insanely delicious treats.

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Chef Diego Oka, expanding the Peruvian culinary empire

Diego Oka

Diego Oka is a chef who started his culinary career with direction at a young age, but his trajectory as a chef has been quite different compared to most.  He quickly skyrocketed to roles of high responsibility, travelling the world, managing restaurants in North and South America from the young age of twenty-one.  Diego studied hospitality while working in one of Lima’s oldest traditional Japanese restaurants, Ichiban, where he spent three years learning all the essentials, from dishwasher to working behind the sushi bar.

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A Q & A with Diego Munoz, grand Peruvian chef


Diego Muñoz is a nomad, a surfer, and a master of his trade.  I say these three things with utmost respect.  A nomad because he has taken off solo and traveled the globe conquering kitchens and cuisines led by world-renowned chefs, in all corners of the world.  His passion for surf keeps him grounded, balanced, connected to nature, simplified, and enjoying the outdoors whenever he has a spare minute.